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September - December 2011

“Rome Sustainable Tower Project” created by Dmitry Kaminker during his stay at the American Academy in Rome as Joseph Brodsky Memorial Fellow.

Link to the AAR website - "Dmitry Kaminker's Improbable Creation Achieves Unanticipated Heights"

kaminker tower




July 2011

Granite model of the central sculpture of the fountain “Sea Horse” by Dmitry Kaminker installed for permanent display in the St. Petersburg Museum of City Sculpture.

sea horse

The fountain composition “Sea Horse. The way from Vikings to Greeks” (authors: D.Kaminker+D.Kaminker) was unveiled in St. Petersburg in 2009.

Sea Horse Kaminker




June 16th 2011

Opening of Dmitry Kaminker's "Shamrock of Thomas Moore" monument to the famous Irish poet. St. Petersburg State University (Russia)

Pictures from St. Petersburg State University website (original pictures and article here)


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